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Faisal Sanitary 8 Pieces Bath Set-Project 5807

Faisal Sanitary 8 Pieces Bath Set-Project 5807

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Upgrade your bathroom with the Faisal Sanitary 8-Pieces 5807 Bath Room Set, a comprehensive plumbing solution that combines functionality, durability, and modern design. This complete set offers all the essential fixtures needed to create a stylish and functional bathroom space. Made with chrome-plated brass, this bath room set not only adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom but also ensures long-lasting durability. With its sleek and polished appearance, it seamlessly blends with any bathroom decor.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Set: The Faisal Sanitary 8-Pieces 5807 Bath Room Set includes a basin mixer, wall shower, double bib cock, 3 tee stop cocks, waste basin, and toilet shower, providing all the essential fixtures for a complete bathroom plumbing solution.

2. Single Lever Design: Featuring a convenient single lever design, this set allows you to control water flow and temperature with ease. Simply adjust the lever for precise control and personalized comfort.

3. Chrome-Plated Brass Construction: The set is crafted from chrome-plated brass, combining durability and elegance. The chrome-plated finish not only enhances its appearance but also ensures resistance against corrosion and tarnishing.

4. Easy to Clean: The chrome-plated brass construction makes cleaning a breeze. Simply wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth to maintain its shine and hygiene.

5. Long-lasting Durability: Built to withstand the test of time, this bath room set is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure lasting durability and reliable performance.

6. Versatile Design: With its modern and versatile design, the Faisal Sanitary 8-Pieces 5807 Bath Room Set complements various bathroom styles, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

7. Hassle-Free Installation: The set is designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly and conveniently upgrade your bathroom without the need for complex plumbing work.

Enhance your bathroom experience with the Faisal Sanitary 8-Pieces 5807 Bath Room Set. With its exceptional features, quality construction, and stylish design, this set provides an affordable and reliable solution for creating a beautiful and functional bathroom space.

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